Looking for private schools in NJ? Here are preschools; private kindergartens; private elementary, middle, and high schools; religious schools; and boarding schools. Also programs for special needs students, gifted & talented students, test prep, tutors/enrichment, and foreign language instruction.

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  • 1245 E. Grand Ave.

    Carbondale, IL 62901


    Brehm Preparatory School

    Category: Boarding, High School, Middle School, Special Needs

  • 242 Old Petersham Rd.

    Hardwick, MA


    Category: Boarding, Primary, Secondary, Special Needs, Summer

  • 1784 Fairview Rd.

    Glenmoore, PA


    Category: Special Needs

  • 4400 Baltimore Ave.

    Philadelphia, NJ 19104


    Category: Special Needs

  • 701 West Madison Ave.

    Magnolia, NJ 08049


    Category: Autism, Childcare, College, Elementary, Enrichment, Gifted & Talented, High School, Learning Disability Consultant, Middle School, Post Graduate, Preschool, Primary, Special Needs, Tutoring

  • 1245 E. Grand Ave.

    Carbondale, IL


    Category: Special Needs

  • NJ


    Category: Childcare, Elementary, Enrichment, Kindergarten, Learning Disability Consultant, Middle School, Preschool, Special Needs

  • 10 Long Walk

    Saxton Rivers, NJ 05154


    Category: Boarding School, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, High School, Post Graduate, Special Needs, Tutoring

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