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Digital Resources for High-tech Moms



kellymom.com — Breastfeeding, sleeping, and parenting information. A bit of everything for new moms.

theshapeofamother.com — Women share thoughts, feelings, and realistic images of their post-pregnancy bodies. An absolutely beautiful website.

multiplesandmore.com — A great online community and resource for moms of multiples.

adoptivefamiliescircle.com — The place for resources and connection with other adoptive families.



theleakyboob.com — Breastfeeding moms will appreciate this insightful and informative blog.

thegreenparent.com — How-tos for raising an eco-friendly family.

postpartumprogress.com — A supportive place for women dealing with postpartum depression.

soulemama.com — The beautiful and inspiring blog of a crafty, creative homeschooling mother of five.

pregnantchicken.com — Honest and witty research, insights, and opinions on everything from morning sickness to riding amusement park rides while pregnant. Warning: It can be a bit irreverent for those easily offended.

prebabyblog.com — One mom’s journey from trying to conceive to taking care of a newborn.


Smartphone and Tablet Apps

Baby Kicks Monitor — Helps you keep track of your kick counts, which many doctors recommend after the 28th week or so.

Sleep Pillow Sounds —White noise, heartbeat, and many other sounds to lull baby (and mom and dad) to sleep.

Preganancy Companion — Physician-approved pregnancy info, including an appointment tracker and 3-D animated videos and ultrasound images showing baby’s development.

iBaby Feed Timer — Keep track of when baby last nursed or had a bottle, had a diaper change, slept, and more.

WebMD Baby — Access to hundreds of health articles written by WebMD docs.

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