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Language Games

Verbal gymnastics set the stage for new words and social skills


Language games to play with babyBlowing raspberries is only one of the many silly—yet educational—games you can play that work on language and social skills. Here are some others:

Try imitating whatever sounds your child makes. Go back and forth and have a “conversation.”  Add a new sound occasionally, then wait to see if he imitates. For instance, if he’s already saying “dada,” try getting him to say “gaga.”
Play with sound by changing the pitch of words when you talk or sing to her. For instance: high/low, fast/slow, soft/loud.
Gently rub your fingers on baby’s lips  to try to get him to make a rolling sound.
Put your lips on her stomach or arms and gently blow.
Sing familiar songs using different voice sounds. Try a low growly voice, a high squeaky voice, or a soft whisper. Or grab a stuffed animal, doll, or puppet to help you sing.
Encourage your baby to “talk” into a play telephone.
Babies love combining actions and words, so try finger songs. Some perennial favorites include: The Itsy-Bitsy Spider; Wheels on the Bus; and Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Above all, talk, talk, talk to your baby. There’s no greater gift for encouraging 
parent/child communication and social interaction than the sound of your voice.

And you’ll both enjoy it.

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