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August 2011

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Car Seat Smarts to Keep Your Baby Safe

To keep your baby safe while riding in the car, here's what you need to know about car seats.

Websites, Blogs, And Smartphone Apps

Here are some websites, blogs, and smartphone apps for new parents.

Ultrasound Gives You the First Glimpse of Your Baby

An ultrasound may be able to tell you the sex of your child by around 20 weeks.

Essential Tips for College Campus Living

Living away from home for the first time can be exciting but also challenging. Here are steps students can take to make it a positive experience.

11 Intelligent Ways to Save on Textbooks Without the Bookstore

Save on textbooks. Here are alternatives to traditional school textbook outlets.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Can Boost Nutrition During Pregnancy

Eating a balance diet is the best way to ensure you and baby get the nutrition you need.

Choosing a Pediatrician for Your Baby

When interviewing pediatricians, be sure to ask about these topics.

Pack It Up: Backpacks

Carry school books, snacks, and artwork in these clever backpacks.

Lunch Loot: Back-to-School Gear

Give kids a reason to look forward to their mid-day break.

Clear Out the Clutter: 6 Tips for a Tidy Nest

Organizing your family and home ultimately saves you tons of time and energy, decreases your stress, and teaches your kids to live in a smart organized way. Here are a few ideas and some expert advice to get your ducks in a row.

Make Veggie Art

Kids can make and eat veggie art while dinner is prepared.

Boardwalks at the Jersey Shore

Jersey shore boardwalks offer family-friendly rides, games, entertainment, or the chance for a quiet stroll with an ocean breeze.