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Diaper Bag Essentials


When you get ready to take your baby for an outing, here’s what you’ll need in that all-important diaper bag:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes: Use a travel-wipe container or put wipes in a Ziploc bag, which will take up less space and still keep wipes moist
  • Changing pad: Most diaper bags will come with one of these
  • Bibs: One or two. Use bibs with Velcro instead of ties; that way you can put them on with one hand
  • Extra set of clothing: Pack a complete set for baby, and an extra shirt for mom
  • Bottle and formula: Try a new product called the Powder Baby Formula Dispenser, which holds enough formula powder for making three 8-ounce baby bottles, or can be used to hold cereal
  • Bottled water: For you to drink or to add to the bottle to feed your baby
  • Snacks: For you and baby as she grows
  • Binky: If baby uses one
  • Toys: Rattle, favorite stuffed toy
  • Receiving blanket
  • Camera: Digital or disposable
  • Antibacterial hand cleaner
  • Cosmetic-type bag: For baby Orajel, extra pacifier, and nail clippers
  • Empty Ziploc bags: For the unexpected diaper change while you’re out and there’s no place to dispose of the diaper
How many diapers does a baby use?
By one estimate, 2,300 in the first year alone.

Source: The Organized Mom by Stacey Crew

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