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Childcare Choices in New Jersey: How to Find Childcare Centers, Family Care, and Nannies


Childcare options in New JerseyHere are the upsides and downsides of available childcare options in New Jersey; and where to find childcare centers, family care, and nannies.


Childcare Center

  • licensed and inspected by the state
  • standard year-round hours of operation
  • opportunities for children to interact
  • a stimulating age-appropriate environment

Family Care

  • child has a personal relationship with one caregiver
  • usually some flexibility with scheduling
  • a home environment with some social interaction
  • may accept a sick child


  • one-on-one nurturing in a familiar environment
  • care in your own home means less exposure to germs and illnesses
  • no time spent dropping off/picking up your child
  • flexible hours you arrange


Childcare Center

  • may not accept infants
  • may not accept children who are sick
  • limited one-on-one interaction with adults
  • little flexibility with schedule

Family Care

  • only as stimulating as the caregiver makes it
  • no other option if the caregiver is sick or on vacation
  • homes with fewer than 8 children may not be licensed or inspected


  • no childcare if nanny is sick or on vacation
  • not regulated or licensed by the state
  • no regular social interaction with other children
  • usually the most expensive childcare option

Find It in NJ

Childcare Center

Family Care


  • word of mouth
  • nanny placement agencies
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