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Is Social Media Contributing to Eating Disorders in Teens?

How the age of Instagram and Snapchat may be harming her self-image.

City Girl Turned Suburban Mom: How I Made the Switch

This mom tells the story of her rocky transition from NYC to the NJ ‘burbs and how she finally made peace with it all.

Hit a Home Run with These Team Snack Ideas

You'll score a home run by serving these snack ideas at your child's soccer game, baseball game, softball game, or other sporting activity.

Make Your Own Amazing Disney-Inspired Hairstyles

Have you spent a fortune at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Disney World, or hours in front of a mirror trying to give your kid the perfect Princess updo? These two new books make those aspirational looks achievable.

Good Boy: There’s a Better Way to Praise Your Kids

Encouragement and praise can come in many forms, and some ways are better for child development than others.

Help Kids and Teens Find Technology Balance

Appropriate limits and tech alternatives can keep kids from being sucked into the black hole of digital overload.

The New Nanny: Tablets and Other Mobile Devices that Teach and Entertain Kids

As the popularity of tablets increases, a new study from Nielsen shows that mobile devices are increasingly valued for their ability to help children learn, improve performance on tests, and engage academically.

Are You Raising the Perfect Bullying Target?

By raising a child to respect rules, are you also raising the perfect bullying target?

Selling Thin Mints, Learning Lessons

Often, parents claim the title of head salesperson when their children start a fundraising campaign. But a stack of order forms can be a great opportunity to help your child learn a variety of valuable skills—if you help her to take the lead herself.

I'm Not Tired Yet

Share this heartwarming tale with your child when you tuck him in tonight.

Tooth Fairy Goofs and Tooth Fairy Fun

Tooth fairy goofs and other fun stuff celebrating the tooth fairy's visit.

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Feel Comfortable Connecting

Small talk is an important skill for any connector, regardless of age, to master. Here are five strategies your kids can use to connect with people in any scenario.

Bye Bye Bam Bam

Before heading to the movies with your kids, check media review sites for age appropriateness and the lowdown on issues like language, violence, and message.

Bedwetting May Be Due to Undiagnosed Constipation

Bedwetting isn’t always due to problems with the bladder—it may be constipation.

That Four-Letter Word: K-I-S-S

Funny mom Jane is shocked when her 5-year-old son announces, “Momma, I have found my bride!”