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Basketball Dad Lashes Out Via Social Media

The ability to vent one’s emotions almost immediately is both the great advantage and drawback of modern social media. One Washington father learned that the hard way.

Help Kids and Teens Find Technology Balance

Appropriate limits and tech alternatives can keep kids from being sucked into the black hole of digital overload.

Decoding Teenspeak

How are you at talking teenage?

Psst! Top 10 Things Teens Wish Their Parents Knew

An expert culls advice from teenagers about the top 10 things they want their parents to know.

5 Steps to Better Communication with Your Teen

Try active listening while communicating with your teen.

Dating Dilemmas

According to a recent study, parents should be concerned if their teen girl is dating an older guy.

The Branding of Your Teen

Your child is a brand name. He has a reputation, an image, a persona. And more and more college admissions officers are checking it out.

Depression, Teens, and Facebook

Social networks have become the place teens "hang out." However it can become a world of loneliness and a constant reminder of perceived shortcomings.

8 Frugal Tips To Help Your Teen Feel Like Prom Royalty

Follow these eight savvy tips to help your teen feel like prom royalty without blowing your budget: