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Risky Behavior

Smoking Risks for Teens

The good news is that teens who don’t smoke cigarettes probably never will. The bad news is that smoking usually begins during adolescence.

Growing Up Gay

Homosexual children who grow up in a predominantly heterosexual culture inevitably will have different life experiences and social pressures than their heterosexual peers.

Dating Dilemmas

According to a recent study, parents should be concerned if their teen girl is dating an older guy.

Study Reveals Possible Brain Damage in Young Adult Binge-Drinkers

Study shows how binge drinking among teens could damage a still-developing brain.

Nip X-rated Photos in the Bud

Many young people have embarrassing and potentially risky (X-rated) photos posted on social networking sites and stored in cellphones of friends as well as strangers.

Teens Continue to Binge with Booze

The rate of binge drinking among teenagers seems to have held steady in the last few years.

Your Teen's Split Personality: Online and In-Person

A new survey finds that, as a result of increased exposure to social media, a teenage girl’s image isn’t always what it seems.