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Risky Behavior

Spotting the Signs of Abuse

What every parent should know about unhealthy relationships

Disciplining Your Teen

Tips for managing temperamental teen behavior

Drug Q&A

Test your knowledge on drugs and drug abuse by taking the 2013 National Drug IQ Challenge

Why Energy Drinks Are Harming Children, Adolescents

Parents beware. If your tots and teens get their hands on your energy drinks, they could be at risk.

Binge Drinking and Anonymous Confessions

Binge drinking is an under-recognized problem among females.

Talking About Alcohol

Underage drinking is just a fact of life. So don’t pretend it doesn’t happen.

Crossing The Line

A new, educational video on teen dating abuse awareness and prevention.

Why I Stopped Wearing a Purity Ring

I feared that my friends and family felt the same way my boyfriend did—that they would only like me if I was “pure.”

NJ Teen Comes Out, Video Goes Viral

A New Jersey high school student revealed something about himself while accepting an award for class actor in front of his entire senior class.

Basketball Dad Lashes Out Via Social Media

The ability to vent one’s emotions almost immediately is both the great advantage and drawback of modern social media. One Washington father learned that the hard way.

"Am I Old Enough?"

Parents can be proactive, assert parental authority, and say "NO," even if that isn't the most popular response.

Teen Suicides by Medication Overdoses Increase

Since January, NJ poison experts have consulted on more than 150 cases regarding teens who have tried to commit suicide or intentionally harm themselves by overdosing on medications

Facebook's Timeline: When Life's an Open Book

With Facebook’s new timeline feature, the details of your child’s life may become more visible.

Prank or Porn?

Teens need to be educated on the consequences of possessing or distributing sexually explicit images.

Coming Out

Coming out for a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (GLBT) teen can be an opportunity for greater closeness and even greater respect between parent and teen.