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School Days

Private School Wait Lists

Private high schools receive many more applications than they have spaces available, so there's a high probability your child will be wait-listed. If this is the case, what should you do?

Public School vs. Private School

The move from public to private high school can produce great benefits for teens with different needs.

Are AP Classes the Smart Choice?

Generally the environment in an AP classroom is more intellectual and the demands are greater. So why take an AP course?

Combine Learning and Fun This Summer

Summer enrichment programs can add value to your teen's traditional summer camp experience.

Graduation Day: A Rite of Passage for Special Ed Students Too

Students with disabilities have options at graduation time. Learn how to make the most of them.

The Benefits of Teenagers Starting a Micro Business—More Than Just the Money!

For teenagers starting a micro business, it can be a fantastic learning experience with many unexpected educational benefits.

Taming the Term Paper

Here are tips to help your teen organize his time and write an effective term paper.

Social Networks Go to School

Teachers are now using cell phones and the Internet to interact with the world outside the classroom.

Homework Help—Even When Teens Resist

Here are strategies to help your teen overcome the stress of homework.

Varsity Team Cuts Can Mean the Start of Something New

Many teens who enjoyed playing a sport at a young age don’t make the varsity team when they get to high school. Is this the end of their sports career—or a new beginning?

What Learning Disabled Students Can Expect at College

Inclusive education and related advancements have raised the expectations for students with learning disabilities.

Essential Tips for College Campus Living

Living away from home for the first time can be exciting but also challenging. Here are steps students can take to make it a positive experience.

11 Intelligent Ways to Save on Textbooks Without the Bookstore

Save on textbooks. Here are alternatives to traditional school textbook outlets.

The Branding of Your Teen

Your child is a brand name. He has a reputation, an image, a persona. And more and more college admissions officers are checking it out.

10 Easy Tips to Help Your Teen Study for a Test

The following tips will help your child properly prepare for all school tests.