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School Days

Best New Backpacks for Kids

Start the school year in style with one of these cool packs.

What to Do When College Isn't the Plan

From vocational high schools to post-grad institutions, there’s no shortage of smart options for non-college bound teens.

Books to Help a Reluctant Reader

If you have a kid who’s less than thrilled to crack open a book, these titles will help get the pages turning

Should You Let Your Teen Play Contact Sports?

Kids playing contact sports run the risk of injury and concussions, but how worried should you really be?

7 Ways To Help Your Teen Score a Great Internship

If he’s interested in spending his summer working next to (and learning from) professionals, an internship might be a good option. Follow these steps to make sure he lands a good one!

Provide Stress Relief for Your Overscheduled Teen

Help your teen deal with their jam-packed schedule and school pressures with tips on reducing and managing stress.

New Jersey Author of Pandemic Wins A Book Prize

Chatham author Yvonne Ventresca took home a Crystal Kite award for her YA book.

Should Your Kid Do a Gap Year Program?

If it is for volunteering, traveling or on-the-job experience, a gap year between high school and college can be beneficial for your teen.

What Kind of Learning Style Works Best for Your Kid?

When it comes to learning, everyone uses three senses: hearing, seeing and doing—But for most of us, one sense is stronger than the rest, and identifying which is dominant (and tailoring studying to it) can be key to acing school. Don’t know your teen’s style? Have them take this quiz to find out!

NJ High Schools by the Numbers

Where does Jersey rank according to national standards?

Work It

5 ways working will make your teen more successful.

Are AP Classes Worth It?

Discover what they are and what they mean for your teen.

Is Your Teen College-Ready?

Taking a gap year may ultimately be beneficial for your child’s success.

Host an International Exchange Student

Learn how one year can be a life-changing experience for your entire family

Community Service for Teens

Volunteer and make a difference!