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Family Travel Articles

Nurture Your Child's Passion for Music, Dance, Drama, or Art

Performing and fine arts camps and programs can offer an opportunity to think outside the box in a safe, creative environment.

Summer Camp is More Than Fun

Explore a few ways to make your child’s camp experience smooth sailing from start to finish.

Camps for Kids with Special Needs

For a child with special needs, the experience of going to camp takes on added significance.

Combine Learning and Fun This Summer

Summer enrichment programs can add value to your teen's traditional summer camp experience.

Summer Camps and Programs for New Jersey Kids

Are you looking for a camp or summer program for your child? Look here for our supersized guide to summer fun in and around New Jersey.

Sleepaway Camp Fun in Shorter Sessions

Economic realities and lifestyle changes have forced many summer camps to add shorter sessions to their schedules.

Support Your Happy Campers

Here are some tips to help families support their happy campers after the summer memories begin to fade.

Sleeping Under the Stars: Camping Is a Great Family Vacation

In New Jersey, the options for camping range from private campgrounds to county parkland.

Spiritual Fun at Summer Camp

Families that want to mix spiritual growth with summer fun may want to consider a religious summer camp.

What You Need to Know About Sexual Abuse at Summer Camp

Most campers return home with wonderful memories of new friends and fun-filled days. Some will return home with devastating memories that will last a lifetime.

Prepare Your Kids Now for Sweet Dreams at Sleepaway Camp

While you’re helping your children pack their bags, take a few extra steps to help them sleep well. With the shut-eye they need, they’ll enjoy all camp has to offer—and return refreshed, happy, and ready to fill you in on all of their adventures.

Start Now to Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp

Preparing a fuss-free summer camp experience is a little easier with these steps.

Sleepaway Camp: Separation Concerns

If your child is anxious about the thought of going to sleepaway camp, do some thinking, planning, and talking now, so you can enrich your child’s first camp experience before it even begins.

Dos and Don'ts of Camp Homesickness

American Camp Association offers these tips on the dos and don'ts of homesickness while at camp

Find a Summer Camp

Where do you start your search for a safe summer camp? Here are some online resources and points to consider.