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Bodies & Brains

Teen Suicides by Medication Overdoses Increase

Since January, NJ poison experts have consulted on more than 150 cases regarding teens who have tried to commit suicide or intentionally harm themselves by overdosing on medications

8 Tips for Approaching the "Weight Talk"

If your child is overweight, deciding to talk about this unhealthy lifestyle is only the first step.

When to Say Goodbye to Your Pediatrician

When is the right time for your child to say goodbye to their pediatrician? For many families, making this decision isn’t simple. Here’s help.

The Damaging Effects of Social Isolation

The effects of isolation on a teenager can be long lasting and create a problem that parents need to address.

Does Your Child Have the Midwinter Blues?

If your child’s behavior seems to change with the winter season, it is time to take notice.

Cancer Lounges Comfort Teens Who Are Ill

Thanks to the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation, teenagers with cancer and other serious illnesses can still enjoy things their healthy friends are experiencing.

Finding the Right Mental Health Provider for Your Teen

If your teen is having trouble in school or socially, a therapist can provide help.

Smoking Risks for Teens

The good news is that teens who don’t smoke cigarettes probably never will. The bad news is that smoking usually begins during adolescence.

Confronting your Child's Addiction

411 on Teen Teeth

Here's a look at ommon dental issues teens face.

Costume Contacts Can Have Scary Consequences

Accessorizing a Halloween costume with blood-drenched vampire eyes or circle lenses are all trendy options. But most people don’t know the sight-stealing consequences behind these contact lens choices.

Depression, Teens, and Facebook

Social networks have become the place teens "hang out." However it can become a world of loneliness and a constant reminder of perceived shortcomings.

Fast Food & The Lean, Mean Teen

Here are seven fast-food-savvy nutrition tips for your teen (and for you!)—some of which may surprise you.

Teach Your Teen the Value of a Dollar

By finding ways for your teens to witness and participate in financial decision-making that affects them, you give them a model for how to handle their own finances.

How to Help Your Teen Survive Adolescent Depression

Adolescent depression is as hard on the parents as it is on the teen.