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Is Your Teen College-Ready?

Taking a gap year may ultimately be beneficial for your child’s success.

Milestone Birthday Celebrations

Think planning an event is too difficult? Think again!

Spotting the Signs of Abuse

What every parent should know about unhealthy relationships

Competitive Sports

How we can all work to keep youth athletics fun

Disciplining Your Teen

Tips for managing temperamental teen behavior

Invisible Braces

How clear aligners help straighten teeth

Host an International Exchange Student

Learn how one year can be a life-changing experience for your entire family

Bodies and Brains: Healthy New Year's Resolutions

What you need to know about a new dangerous game kids are playing and other recent studies.

Community Service for Teens

Volunteer and make a difference!

Popularity Pressures

How to help your kids realize it all vanishes after graduation

Making Private School Affordable

Think you can't swing it? Think again.

Facing the Inevitable

Are you qualified to be a parent?

Drug Q&A

Test your knowledge on drugs and drug abuse by taking the 2013 National Drug IQ Challenge

Writing the College Resume

How to help your teen best capture her accomplishments

Teen Esteem

What's one of the biggest influencers on a child's sense of self? The answer might surprise you.