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Best NJ Performing Arts Programs

Good performing arts training makes all the difference. Whether your teen is interested in acting, musical theater or comedy, these New Jersey-based programs will help them step confidently into the spotlight.

Best Spots in NYC to Take Teens

When it comes to spending time with your teen, picking the event is half the battle—anything too kiddie is eye-rollingly annoying, and so much else is too va-va-voom. Lucky for you, NYC has plenty that fits the just-right bill: Here are eight teen-and-parent-friendly spots you won’t want to miss.

11 Reasons to Take Your Teen to NYC

11 places to take your teen this fall

Work It

5 ways working will make your teen more successful.

Step Parent Survival Guide

Being a step parents can be a challenge for both kids and parents—Here's how to make it easier.­

Tattletale Parents

Should you speak up when you see a teen doing something they shouldn't? Here's what to do.

Are You Raising an Entitled Teen?

What to do when you're raising a spoiled teen.

Tired Teens

Sleep deprived teens are at risk for health problems, poor academic performance and dangerous driving.

Giving Back

What motivates teens to give back?

Dangerous Drugs

Mental Health, Cyberbullying and Substance Abuse in Teens

What you need to know to protect your teen.

Communicating in the Information Age

Technology is here to stay, so parents need to help kids incorporate it into their lives in a way that enhances it and keeps them safe.

Tips for Better Communication with Your Teen

If you and your teen have a disconnect in your relationship, it may be time to explore how you can communicate more effectively.

Is your teen addicted to social media?

How changes in media habits could transform your child’s mental health

Are AP Classes Worth It?

Discover what they are and what they mean for your teen.