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Suspect a Language Delay? Speak up!

What to do if you think your child may have a speech delay.

Good News About Autism

ADHD in Girls

Are you missing the signs?

Gifted and Talented Programming in NJ

New Jersey's options for gifted and talented students.

Struggling in School

November is report card month: What should you do if your kid is struggling academically?

Could Your Kid Have Dyslexia?

How to identify the warning signs and figure out the next steps.

Special Camps for Special Kids

Every child can have a great summer at camp.

Overcoming Obstacles

3 Keys to Fostering Resilience in Children with Learning Disabilities and ADHD

The Rising Rate of Autism

The facts and figures about autism in our state

Help Dyslexic Children Learn

Ways to encourage your dyslexic child to blossom in school and at home.

Silently Seizing

Common, unrecognized, and frequently missed seizures and their potentially damaging impact on individuals with autism

10 Tips for Parents of Autistic Children

In support of National Autism Awareness Month in April, these author-parents share 10 tips for parents who are faced with a diagnosis of autism for one or more of their children.

Special Friendships

When a friendship starts blooming, encourage it as you would any other childhood friendship— with play dates and get-togethers.

The Special-Ed Maze

Parents do have rights when navigating Special Education.

Waiting for Words

Understanding the most common language delays and disorders.