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Home & Safety

Spring Clean Your Family, House, and Kids

Spring Cleaning, an annual cliché, can go way beyond dust bunnies and baseboards. Parenting expert Amy Kossoff Smith offers ways to get your family, house, and kids all tuned up.

Be Playground Smart! 5 Tips Every Parent Should Know

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) encourages all parents and caregivers to be vigilant and mindful as their children play and interact in America’s Backyard.

Make Safety a Priority this Passover and Easter Season

Poison Control Center experts offer the following safety tips on food poisoning/preparation, cleaning product and medication safety, and holiday decorating products.

9 Eco-friendly Ways to Save Without Guzzling Gas

Nine eco-friendly ways to save without guzzling gas.

8 Quick-and-Easy Tips to Prepare Your Pet for a New Baby

Before you welcome a new baby into your home, prepare your dog. Here are eight quick-and-easy tips to make the adjustment go smoothly.

Psychology of Color is Helpful in Choosing Paint Schemes for Children's Rooms

Knowing a little about the psychology of color can help parents decide which paint colors to use in children's and babies' rooms, and which colors to reserve for adult spaces.

Tips for Parents on Cyberbullying

Parents need to be aware of their kids' Internet and texting habits, and teach them to use online social outlets properly and safely.