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Tweens & Teens

11 Intelligent Ways to Save on Textbooks Without the Bookstore

Save on textbooks. Here are alternatives to traditional school textbook outlets.

Teens Are Hungry for Dystopian Novels

The hottest trend in young adult books right now is dystopian novels. Here are a few your teens are sure to love.

8 Safe-Driving Tips to Teach Teens

One of the greatest fears for parents is an unexpected accident when their teenage child is behind the wheel. Here are eight tips to teach your teen to stay safe on the road.

The Branding of Your Teen

Your child is a brand name. He has a reputation, an image, a persona. And more and more college admissions officers are checking it out.

30 Ways Teens Can Make Money During Summer Break

Here are 30 ways teens and college students can seek and generate income this summer.

Safety Tips for Students Abroad

Traveling abroad to study and experience other cultures continues to grow for teens across the country

Study Reveals Possible Brain Damage in Young Adult Binge-Drinkers

Study shows how binge drinking among teens could damage a still-developing brain.

7 of the Top 10 Deadliest Days for Teens Occur During the Summer Months

With deadly traffic crashes peaking for teens during the summer months, AAA urges parents of teens to increase their focus on safety.

A Message to Students: Adderall Adds Nothing

The pressure to achieve has created bad habits, including cheating and plagiarizing just to make the grade. Now comes the latest response to this pressure: Adderall.

Lock Your Meds! You May Be a Drug Supplier Without Knowing It

Every day more than 4,000 young people begin experimenting with prescription drugs and the number of admissions to treatment facilities has increased 400% in the last 10 years.

10 Tall Tales about Bedwetting

Here are 10 myths to leave behind on your journey to dry nights.

Depression, Teens, and Facebook

Social networks have become the place teens "hang out." However it can become a world of loneliness and a constant reminder of perceived shortcomings.

How to Beat Bedwetting Just in Time for Summer Camp

Here are some simple steps you and your child can take now to achieve dry nights by summer!

8 Frugal Tips To Help Your Teen Feel Like Prom Royalty

Follow these eight savvy tips to help your teen feel like prom royalty without blowing your budget:

Innocent Victims: Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

What can you do to keep your children safe? Here are some specific tips.