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Tweens & Teens

Decoding Teenspeak

How are you at talking teenage?

Teen Suicides by Medication Overdoses Increase

Since January, NJ poison experts have consulted on more than 150 cases regarding teens who have tried to commit suicide or intentionally harm themselves by overdosing on medications

8 Tips for Approaching the "Weight Talk"

If your child is overweight, deciding to talk about this unhealthy lifestyle is only the first step.

Psst! Top 10 Things Teens Wish Their Parents Knew

An expert culls advice from teenagers about the top 10 things they want their parents to know.

ART.WRITE.NOW Showcases Work by Top Teen Talent at the National Constitution Center

Scholastic traveling exhibition ART.WRITE.NOW showcases work by top teen talent at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Prank or Porn?

Teens need to be educated on the consequences of possessing or distributing sexually explicit images.

Teen Drivers + Teen Passengers = Potential Trouble

New studies describe which teens are likely to drive with multiple friends, and how these passengers may affect teen drivers right before a crash.

The Benefits of Teenagers Starting a Micro Business—More Than Just the Money!

For teenagers starting a micro business, it can be a fantastic learning experience with many unexpected educational benefits.

5 Steps to Better Communication with Your Teen

Try active listening while communicating with your teen.

Does Your Child Have the Midwinter Blues?

If your child’s behavior seems to change with the winter season, it is time to take notice.

20/20 Advice: Selecting Corrective Eyewear for Your Child

Here are 10 factors to consider when selecting corrective eyewear for your child.

Teens Choose Their Favorite Books

The Teens’ Top Ten is a booklist created entirely by and for teens as part of YALSA’s Teens’ Top Ten Project.

Costume Contacts Can Have Scary Consequences

Accessorizing a Halloween costume with blood-drenched vampire eyes or circle lenses are all trendy options. But most people don’t know the sight-stealing consequences behind these contact lens choices.

Teenagers Who Feel Like They Don’t Fit In Less Likely to Attend College

High school students who feel they do not fit in are less likely to attend college—particularly girls who are gay or obese

Essential Tips for College Campus Living

Living away from home for the first time can be exciting but also challenging. Here are steps students can take to make it a positive experience.