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Foods Pregnant Women Should and Should Not Eat

Eat this, don't eat that. Here's what you need to know about what foods to nix or nod, plus target amounts.

What Would Your Name Be Today?

Based on popularity, find out what your name would be in different decades.

The Most Popular Baby Girl and Boy Names in the US for 2014

The Social Security Administration released their annual list of the top baby names in the country.

Why you Should Never Let Your Infant Nap in a Car Seat

Let your kid take their afternoon nap in a swing, stroller or car seat? You may want to reconsider.

Reimagine Your Kids’ Art

Fridge getting cluttered? Here’s what to do instead.

Tantrums: How Long Is Too Long?

Do your toddlers tantrums last forever? Or just a few minutes?

New Study: Breastfeeding for Longer Linked to Higher IQ

New research suggests a link between the amount of time a baby is breastfed and his future intelligence.

Beginning Again with a Third Kid

After years without diaper changes and late-night feedings we jumped back into babies.

New Study Says Parents Switch to Front-Facing Car Seats Too Soon

Only 23 percent of parents follow AAP car seat recommendations. Yikes!

What Will Your Child Learn in Preschool?

The skills focused on in PreK build a foundation for learning in Kindergarten.

Healthy Sleep Routines for Babies

Five ways to help your baby sleep through the night

6 Best Jersey Baby Onesies

Get them started young with these sweet Jersey-proud onesies.

What Preschool Teachers Want Your Kids to Know

Here’s how to get him ready for the first day of school

Concentrated Fruit Juice in those Squeezable Fruit Pouches? Yeah, That’s Just Sugar

Here’s the real deal on squeezable blended fruit pouches for kids—and why you may want to lay off.

Tips for Traveling with Baby

As you plan for summertime getaways, it's important to keep your baby's or toddler's sleeping patterns in check. Here are some tips to ease fussiness and make traveling easier for your entire family.