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Arts & Culture

5 Summer Projects to Unleash Your Kids’ Creativity (And Yours Too!)

Use art as a way to strengthen your imagination and boost your innovativeness and creativity. Here are some activities:

How Fiscal and Political Pressures Affect Arts Education in our Schools

Does your child's school district rank high on the arts index?

The Benefits of Music Education

Learning the do-re-mis can help children excel in ways beyond the ABCs

Rocking Out With Your Child

Share your passion for music with your child at an early age.

Celebrating Presidents' Day in NJ

Teach your kids about Presidents Washington and Cleveland in our POTUS-palooza!

Educational Summer Camps

Academic camps boost students to new levels and broaden their horizons.

Inauguration Day Fun Finds

Celebrate Inauguration Day with these fun facts and reads.

Mommy? What does "reelection" mean?

Teach your kids about the candidates and the election process.

Auditions Announced for the National Children's Chorus

The National Children's Chorus schedules auditions for their 2012 spring chorus.

Expose Your Child to Art

In addition to helping children develop artistic skills and the ability to focus, art instruction fosters an appreciation for the creative process.

Afterschool Activities Can Fuel Your Kids' Passions

Afterschool activities are the perfect venues for allowing children to explore different paths and nurture their talents.

The Educational Benefits of Visiting Museums

For children, the educational benefits of visiting museums go beyond reinforcing the lessons kids learn in school.

Stages Festival and Family Week at the Theatre in New Jersey

Thanks to the New Jersey Theatre Alliance and its 36 professional member theaters and partner organizations, young people and their families have been exposed to one week of free and discounted professional theater each March for the past 13 years.

Ways to Help Your Little Star Shine in the Performing Arts

If a child has an interest in performing, here are some other ways you can help your little star to shine.

How to Introduce Your Young Child to Live Theater

Tips for preparing young children to attend a live theater performance.