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School Years

The New Nanny: Tablets and Other Mobile Devices that Teach and Entertain Kids

As the popularity of tablets increases, a new study from Nielsen shows that mobile devices are increasingly valued for their ability to help children learn, improve performance on tests, and engage academically.

To Redshirt or Not to Redshirt

How do real moms decide whether or not to hold kids back before kindergarten?

Banishing Bullies from New Jersey Schools

New Jersey recently revised its bullying policy, creating one of the most far-reaching and stringent anti-bullying laws in the country.

Homework Hand-holding: Disability or Dependency?

Is your child a dependent learner, only motivated to work when an adult sits with him? In short, is the problem one of disability or dependency?

New Tool Helps NJ Families Find Fun Science Experiences

Dig for fossils, examine shipwrecks' treasure, rehabilitate injured animals, and more—all in New Jersey!

Incredible Egg Geode Sick Science Project

In just 12 to 15 hours, kids can grow colorful crystals inside egg shells.

A School's Role in Protecting Our Kids

April is child abuse protection month. Recognize and understand the important role of educators in identifying child abuse.

Introducing Teens to Politics

With a presidential election on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to talk to your teens about having a voice in politics.

Sick Science: Colorful Convection Currents

See what happens when warm and cold water meet.

Private School Wait Lists

Private high schools receive many more applications than they have spaces available, so there's a high probability your child will be wait-listed. If this is the case, what should you do?

Public School vs. Private School

The move from public to private high school can produce great benefits for teens with different needs.

Are AP Classes the Smart Choice?

Generally the environment in an AP classroom is more intellectual and the demands are greater. So why take an AP course?

Facebook's Timeline: When Life's an Open Book

With Facebook’s new timeline feature, the details of your child’s life may become more visible.

Tips for Talking with Teachers

When it comes to talking with your child's teacher, how you express your views is as important as your willingness to express them.

Storytelling: The Perfect Cure for the Winter Blues

Storytelling is a fun way to share time and a part of yourself with your kids.