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School Years

Standardized Test Prep Tools for Teens

Your college-bound teen will most likely have to take a barrage of standardized tests as part of the admissions process. What tools will he need to succeed?

Gifted Students Need Special Attention, Too

It’s a myth that since gifted children are bright, they can succeed on their own. To reach their full potential, they need support from their schools and their parents, too.

The Benefits of Boarding School

If your family is considering boarding school as an option, look beyond the fiction and learn about the real-life benefits.

Music Education Improves School Performance

Studies show that music education helps kids do better in school. Bring music into your home with these easy DIY musical crafts.

Eight Myths About Multilingual Kids

When you talk about raising a multilingual child, you will no doubt hear some of these 8 myths and misconceptions.

Cyberbullying: What Schools Can Do

Whether cyberbullying happens in school or at home, it’s a problem that schools must confront.

Educational Choices Expand For 2013-14 School Year

More than 6,000 families will be able to select the public school option that best fits their children's needs in the 2013-2014 school year.

Cyberbullying: What Parents Can Do

These 9 steps can help parents lessen their children’s exposure to online social cruelty.

Why to Choose a Religious School

Many parents opt for the parochial high school route for their child, occasionally even selecting an institution outside their own religion. Here are a few reasons why.

Choosing a High School

When it comes to your child’s high school education, the options may seem daunting. But while a particular school may appear to have much to offer, you’ll want to consider whether those offerings are right for your child. Here's some helpful tips to start you off.

Is Boarding School or Day School a Better Choice for Your Child?

Deciding whether your child is a better match for a boarding school or a local day school use our list of the pros and cons of each

Thanking Teachers: Great Teacher Gifts

Here are some fun ideas for thoughtful teacher gifts if you're not giving a gift card.

Schoolwork: Clutter or Keepsake?

Here are lots of clever ideas for saving and displaying your child's creations while minimizing clutter.

Ease the Move to a New School

Parents can take the following six steps to ease a child’s transition to a new school.

Summer Reading 101

Summer reading is one of the most important activities children can do now to help themselves later—both when they go back to school in the fall, and later in life.