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School Years

Raising Gifted Children

Help your gifted child develop talents while preserving self-esteem.

School Discipline

Understanding what makes an effective program in your district.

After School Program Ideas

Keep your little ones entertained with these before-and afterschool program ideas—from A to Z

School Success 101

How parents can support academic achievement through the years

Easing the School Transition

Will your kids be ready when the school year starts in September?

7 Summer Science Activities

Keep the kids’ brains active, and entertained, with these summer activities!

Support Science

How to use downtime to foster your child’s curiosity

Speech Struggles

What can you do if your child has a speech or language problem?

The ABCs of Standardized Testing

What they are, what they mean, and what you can do.

See, Hear, Do?

Find out what learning style your child responds to best.

Finding the Best Fit

Looking for a private school? Consider traditional vs. nontraditional approaches to teaching.

Add to Learning with Everyday Math

Explore ways to bring math outside the classroom and into your child's daily routine, so she can better appreciate the practical value of the sometimes tricky subject.

Improving NJ's Schools: Recent Education Reform Including Teacher Tenure

Read up on recent education reforms in our state, including restrictions on teacher tenure.

Is Writing Still Relevant?

Printing in pencil won’t go away, but will your young ones learn script?

Find the Right Tutor for Your Child

There are many tutors and tutoring programs to choose from, but finding a great tutor--who challenges your child and builds his confidence--can be daunting.