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Pip and Posy: Fun and Games App

Pip and Posy: Fun and Games is a new app for preschoolers based on the picture book series about the real-life dramas of toddler life.

Plenty of Printables—All Free to Download

Explore the world of free downloadable printables. You'll find everything from coloring pages to classroom activities to birthday party invitations.

Kids Can Master Matching

Kids can master matching through Emmet the elephant’s quest to pack his suitcase.

Little Children with Big Ears

Do children 3 to 5 years old learn from listening to questions asked by others?

The Lessons of Preschool

Early-childhood experts say play is the ideal way for 3- and 4-year-old children to develop essential academic and social skills. Here are some important lessons young children will absorb under the guise of play.

How to Prepare Your Preschool Child for Kindergarten

Parents play a vital role in kindergarten readiness. Here are some specific—and enjoyable—ways to get your child ready for school.

Preschoolers and Technology

Technology can aid preschool preparation if it uses age-appropriate content and instruments.

Bilingual Babies’ Vocabulary Linked to Early Brain Differentiation

Babies and children are whizzes at learning a second language, but that ability fades as early as their first birthdays.

Dice Addition: An Activity from Productive Parenting

A math activity from Productive Parenting.

Telling Time: An Activity from Productive Parenting

How to teach your child to tell time.

My Name: An Activity from Productive Parenting

This activity is designed to help your child understand that children want to be called by their given name.

Strategies to Promote Your Child's Reading

The following strategies may help you promote your child’s reading.