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Education Feature

The Case for Choosing Parochial School

One local parent shares how she made the decision about her sons' education.

Guns in NJ Schools: What You Need to Know

With news of another school shooting seemingly every other week, how are New Jersey districts handling the issue—and are our kids being properly protected when they’re in class?

Should Your Kid Do a Gap Year Program?

If it is for volunteering, traveling or on-the-job experience, a gap year between high school and college can be beneficial for your teen.

7 Secrets of Successful Students

Want to raise a successful student who gets straight A's in school? Here are tips and study habits to help your kid get good grades.

8 Things Teachers Expect Your Kid to Know by the First Day of Kindergarten

Lessons to teach children before the first day of school.

What’s So Bad About the PARCC Exams?

Why many New Jersey parents and teachers are against it

The Problem with Bullying

Is New Jersey’s anti-bullying law strong enough to make a difference?

Improving NJ's Schools: Recent Education Reform Including Teacher Tenure

Read up on recent education reforms in our state, including restrictions on teacher tenure.

Teacher Gifts

When pressed, teachers will ’fess up to likes and dislikes in the gift department. (Hint: No more mugs.)

Cyberbullying: What Schools Can Do

Whether cyberbullying happens in school or at home, it’s a problem that schools must confront.

The Pros and Cons of Postponing Kindergarten

Should you postpone the start of kindergarten for your child? It’s an individual decision, and you know your child best. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Toys Build Brain Power

Match the brain-boosting power of toys with the skills they teach.

Fun Reading Activities That Bring Snowy Stories to Life

Reading just 10 to 15 minutes a day with your children can help ignite a love of books and language.

The Secret to Reading Success

Read aloud: it's the single most important step parents can take at home

Creative Ways to Foster Writing Skills

Foster your child’s writing skills in a way that emphasizes the creative, enjoyable aspects of writing.