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Ask the Expert: The Importance of Caring for Baby Teeth

Primary teeth are important to a child’s development and caring for them properly will help your little one develop lifelong healthy habits.

Halloween Candy Buy Back in NJ

Do the kids collect more candy than they could ever eat (or, that you’d want them to eat)? Put all that extra loot to good use this year by donating it to a dental office and help the less fortunate in the process.

Breast Cancer Treatment Has Come a Long Way From Mastectomies Alone

Dr. Peter Hyans from Summit Medical Group explains why breast cancer patients have more treatment options nowadays.

Domenico Addiego, DMD

NJ's Favorite Kids Docs 2015 - Dr. Domenico Addiego

Newman Orthodontics

NJ's Favorite Kids' Docs 2016- Newman Orthodontics - Richard A. Newman

Sacks Orthodontics

Somerset Orthodontic Specialists

NJ's Favorite Kids Docs 2016 - Somerset Orthodontic Specialists

Tri-County Orthopedics

NJ's Favorite Kids' Docs - Tri-County Orthopedics - Andrew A. Willis, MD

North Jersey Orthopaedic Group

NJ's Favorite Kids' Docs - North Jersey Orthopaedic Group - Ellen Dean-Davis, MD

NJ's Favorite Kids Docs 2017 - CreatingSmiles

NJ's Favorite Kids Docs 2017 CreatingSmiles ​Helen Tong, DMD; Rene S. Johe, DMD

Carter Smile, LLC

NJ's Favorite Kids' Docs 2017 - Dr. Christina Carter of Carter Smile

ADHD, Mood and Behavior Center

NJ's Favorite Kids' Docs 2017 - ADHD, Mood and Behavior Center - Merritt Hubsher

Why It's Important to Monitor Their Candy Consumption

Every trick-or-treater deserves to sample their take, but don't let them have too much.

New Standards to Measure High Blood Pressure in Kids

Why it's more important than ever to monitor your little ones.

5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Breast Health

Make sure you know how to reduce your risk.