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The Truth About Anti-Bacterial Soap

Antibacterial soap may be doing more harm than good.

One More Reason to Limit Screen Time

Technology could be interfering with kids’ abilities to read emotions.

Brush-Up on Fluoride

How to prevent cavities from developing.

Healthy Food Failure

American children still don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.

6 Biggest Health Trends of 2015

From doctor shortages to health monitors for kids, here’s what will be big in pediatric health next year.

Brain Boost: Is Exercise Good for Education?

Exercise not only does a body good—it helps kids learn.

What Do Higher Rates of Gestational Diabetes for Kids?

Rising gestational diabetes rates may lead to higher diabetes rates in children.

9 Pics Every Parent Should Have On Their Phone

You’ve probably got hundreds of photos of your kids making goofy faces filling up your phone, but these are the pictures you really need to have.

Reading Rewards

Good News for Gamers

Heavy Words

Mind Your Metrics

Play Pals

Recent study shows creative sibling play time leads to learning.

Help Manage Your Child's School Anxiety

Is your child a bundle of nerves? Help her manage with tips from an academic tutor and school counselor.

Obesity in Children

The causes, effects, and other things you should know