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Hummus Recalled Due to Possible Listeria Contamination

Sabra Dipping Co. recalls hummus nationwide

Suspect a Language Delay? Speak up!

What to do if you think your child may have a speech delay.

Good News About Autism

How to Cope With Severe Acne

What to do when your teen has “bad skin.”

Daylight Savings Time: How to Prep the Kids

It's time to spring forward (meaning we lose an hour).Here's how to deal with cranky, overtired kids

How to Have the Talk

Who’s more embarrassed to chat about the birds and the bees—you or the kids? Here’s how to talk to them about sex.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Sleep Right Now

Here’s how you and your kiddos can get the zzzs you need.

Croup 101: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

This sometimes scary respiratory infection is important to have on your radar.

5 Ways to Protect Your Family from the Measles

The measles has spread to New Jersey. Follow these tips to keep healthy.

How to Talk to Kids About School Shootings

Talking about school shootings is scary and sad, but here's how you should tackle the subject with kids.

Measles Case Confirmed in NJ

The measles, one of the most infectious viruses, has now spread to New Jersey.

5 Things NJ Parents Should Know About The Measles

One of the most infectious viruses is making a comeback. Here’s how to protect your family.

Kids Apps We Love

Keep the whole family going on the eat-healthier, move-more train with these fun apps for kids.

New Research Links Electronic Devices in Kids’ Bedrooms with Poor Sleep

Don’t let your kid go to bed with TV, smartphones or any other small screens, it can be harmful to their sleeping habits.

Bye-Bye Baby Weight

We challenged busy New Jersey moms to shed their pregnancy pounds—and did they ever!