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Heavy Words

Mind Your Metrics

Play Pals

Recent study shows creative sibling play time leads to learning.

Help Manage Your Child's School Anxiety

Is your child a bundle of nerves? Help her manage with tips from an academic tutor and school counselor.

Obesity in Children

The causes, effects, and other things you should know

Seeing Red: The Facts About Pink Eye

Beware: back-to-school season is also pink eye season. Here's what you need to know about the condition.

Anti-Bullying Programs

What we can do to protect the mental health of our children.

Responsible Eating

Kids imitate friends’ eating habits when hanging out, for better and for worse.

Sleep, Science, and Smarter Kids: How Sleep Boosts Learning

Want kids to bring home As? Start with more ZZZs. Learn how to help kids get a better night's rest.

9 Health Tips for Back to School

Your child's body needs a tune-up before school.

Concentrated Fruit Juice in those Squeezable Fruit Pouches? Yeah, That’s Just Sugar

Here’s the real deal on squeezable blended fruit pouches for kids—and why you may want to lay off.

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Secondary Drowning

Is secondary drowning on your radar? If not, it should be.

Mom to Mom: Spotting Skin Cancer, Tricks, and Timesavers

How to spot skin cancer, tips to stay organized this summer, and more

School Snackdown

What the federal Smart Snacks in School initiative means for your child

Too Young for Braces?

Early orthodontics may mean less treatment later.