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Choosing a Pediatrician for Your Baby

When interviewing pediatricians, be sure to ask about these topics.

6 Guidelines for Reading to Your Baby

A new research study found that reading age-appropriate books to your baby before he learns to talk not only establishes a reading habit later on, but correlates with later expressive language abilities at 12–16 months of age. In other words, reading to your infant helps grow his brain.

New Crib Law Will Keep Babies Safe

The new safety standards for cribs aim to prevent injury or death resulting from cribs with dangerous drop-sides or defective hardware.

5 Hysterically Funny Baby Videos

Bet you can't keep a straight face! Here are 5 very funny baby videos from YouTube. Let us know your favorites!

What Not to Expect When You’re Expecting: A Big Change in Overall Life Satisfaction

Parenthood will change your life, but not necessarily your outlook on it. In fact, for the vast majority of parents, having a baby has a minimal long-term effect on their sense of well-being.

Stop the Diaper Changing Battles!

Elizabeth Pantley offers suggestions to turn diaper-changing time into bonding time.

Hot, Humid, and Pregnant? It's Important to Stay Safe and Comfortable

Pregnant this summer? Beating the heat means safety and comfort.

10 Tips to Help You Get Ready for Pregnancy

We often hear or read about what women should or should not do to promote a healthy pregnancy and prevent problems during labor or after the child is born. However, one of the key timeframes in which to consider changing behaviors is the period before conception.

Top 10 Books for Babies

History of Gestational Diabetes? Here's Good News!

If you had gestational diabetes when you were pregnant, you and your child from that pregnancy have a lifelong risk for developing diabetes.

Top Baby Names for 2010

Here are the top 10 boys and girls names for 2010:

Games To Develop Baby's Brain

Loving interactions and some simple exercises and games will go a long way to help develop your baby’s brain. Here are some ideas:

The Miracle of Your Newborn's Brain

Your newborn doesn’t seem to do very much other than eat, sleep, and cry when she needs something. But, there's a lot going on!

8 Quick-and-Easy Tips to Prepare Your Pet for a New Baby

Before you welcome a new baby into your home, prepare your dog. Here are eight quick-and-easy tips to make the adjustment go smoothly.

Babywearing: Soft-structured Carriers, Wrap Carriers, Ring Slings, and Pouch Slings

Babywearing is safe if done correctly, with well-designed carriers, including soft-structured carriers, wrap carriers, ring slings, and pouch slings.