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Risky Behavior

Parents Think They Know What Their Teens Are Doing Online, But Teens Aren’t So Sure

New research by Common Sense and Survey Monkey reveals an interesting disparity between parents and their teenagers.

There's an Alarming Rise in Teen Suicide You Should Know About

What factors are behind the scary stats?

The Dangers of Prescription Pill Addictions for Teens

Teens using stolen pills are often looking for more than just a high.

The Risks of Tongue Piercings

Why you should warn her away from this dangerous practice.

What to Do If Your Teen Is Dating an Older Guy

Is your daughter dating someone a few years older than her? Here's how to handle it.

NJ Teen Drug Use By the Numbers

Ever wonder how many teenagers really abuse drugs and alcohol in the Garden State? Here are the statistics.

Sexting: What you Need to Know

This teen phenomenon on the rise and one in four teens have sexted. Has Yours?

Tattletale Parents

Should you speak up when you see a teen doing something they shouldn't? Here's what to do.

Tired Teens

Sleep deprived teens are at risk for health problems, poor academic performance and dangerous driving.

Dangerous Drugs

Mental Health, Cyberbullying and Substance Abuse in Teens

What you need to know to protect your teen.

Spotting the Signs of Abuse

What every parent should know about unhealthy relationships

Disciplining Your Teen

Tips for managing temperamental teen behavior

Drug Q&A

Test your knowledge on drugs and drug abuse by taking the 2013 National Drug IQ Challenge

Why Energy Drinks Are Harming Children, Adolescents

Parents beware. If your tots and teens get their hands on your energy drinks, they could be at risk.