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What You Need to Know About Extreme Morning Sickness

A NJ mom shares her story about coping with hyperemesis gravidarum.

When to Consider a Midwife or Doula

Know the facts and consider your options before the big day.

The Best Parent & Me Classes in NJ

Bond with baby at the pool, gym and beyond.

8 Things No One Tells You About Having a C-Section

Yup, here's everything the books (and your friends) might not tell you.

17 Not-So-Scientific (But Totally Accurate) Signs You Might Be Pregnant

Everyone knows about being tired and weird cravings, but if you are having any of these weird symptoms... buckle up.

This Sweet Father's Day Ad for Dove Will Have You Reaching For Your Tissues

Poignant Dove Father’s Day commercial shows the moment guys are told their wives are pregnant.

Foods Pregnant Women Should and Should Not Eat

Eat this, don't eat that. Here's what you need to know about what foods to nix or nod, plus target amounts.

What Do Higher Rates of Gestational Diabetes for Kids?

Rising gestational diabetes rates may lead to higher diabetes rates in children.

Positively Pregnant

Dos and don’ts of eating right.

Fun and Useful Facts about Pregnancy

Did you know: obese mothers have a higher risk of having autistic children? NJ has the highest rate of multiple births in the nation? Check out interesting facts concerning pregnancy.

Five Common Causes of Belly Aches During Pregnancy and Ways to Relieve Them

You may experience some achiness in your belly during different trimesters of your pregnancy. Here are some common causes and ways to find relief.

What You Need to Know About Caesarean Sections

Here's what you should know about NJ's c-section rates, if and when you should have one, and the potential risks involved.

Prenatal Tests: When, Why, How?

Here's the lowdown on prenatal tests your doctor might order.

Finding a Baby Doctor: 10 Important Questions to Ask Your Potential New Doc

Before your baby is born, set up some interviews with pediatricians to ask about these 10 topics.

New App Gives Expectant Parents a Fun Way to Search for Baby Names

Baby Names 2012 app for iPhone features more than 275 creative and themed lists to get your baby name search started.