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Parenting Feature

Estate Planning 101: What You Need to Know

Life happens: Make sure your family's prepared for the worst.

How to Have "The Talk"

Who’s more embarrassed to chat about the birds and the bees—you or the kids?

Working Moms from NJ Reveal Their Best Parenting Advice

Their tips will get your through your day-to-day.

The Struggle to Juggle Is Real: Tips from 5 NJ Working Moms

NJ moms share how they stay sane while managing the kids, everyone’s schedules, the house and demanding jobs.

How to Talk to the Kids About Sexual Harassment

Tips for starting (and continuing) this awkward but necessary convo

10 Things I Wish I'd Known About Hiring A Sitter

Finding the perfect person to watch your little one can be overwhelming. Follow these tips to calm your nerves.

What Type of Social Media Mom Are You?

You may be one way IRL (in real life), but who are you when you’re Facebooking or Instagramming your day away?

Why You Should Consider Thrift Store Shopping

Buying (and selling) at consignment shops can save you a ton of money and teach kids important lessons.

5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Argue Less

Although there’s no magic cure to stop arguments and jealousy, here are some ways to reduce sibling rivalry in your house.

Living in Wayne

The Coppolecchia family shares their experience about living in Wayne, NJ.

Carving Out Family Time

Finding family time may be easier than you think.

Bye, Bye, Bullies

How to help both the victim and the aggressor

Equal Opportunity?

Local moms discuss the pros and cons of hiring a “manny” to care for their children.

Hover No More

Helicopter parents may breed depression and incompetence in their children.

I'm Not Proud, but I'm Not Alone: A Lazy Parent's Meditations

Almost all parents fall woefully short of their lofty child-rearing goals in some way or another. It's not ideal—but sometimes, it's okay.