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Arts & Culture

Reading, Writing and Belly Breathing: The Importance of Yoga and Meditation in School

From test anxiety to problems at home to just plain restlessness, yoga and meditation are helping students settle down in the classroom.

The Best STEAM Toys for Kids

Gears will turn with these science, tech, engineering, art and math-inspired toys

Is a Faith-Based School Right for Your Kid?

Local parents share the reasons they chose religious education for their children.

New Jersey Performing Arts Classes for Kids

Acting classes are the foundation of any great performer. These programs will give your kid the tools (and confidence) she needs to take center stage.

Reimagine Your Kids’ Art

Fridge getting cluttered? Here’s what to do instead.

Creative Kids: The Best Art Programs in NJ

Find a great art program near you and help the kids channel their creativity in areas like drawing, fashion design, filmmaking, pottery and stop-motion animation.

Valentine's Day Sock Puppet Craft

Making these sock puppets as Valentine's will keep the kids amused on a snowy day, but also wow their friends.

The Best Wall Art for Kid's Rooms

Transform their walls for a song—everything here is $26 or less!

What's the Right Time for Children to Start Music Lessons?

How do you know when a child is ready for music lessons?

What’s the Right Age to Begin Music Lessons?

To foster a lifelong love of music, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Make Your Own Science Kit

Plan ahead to always have on hand the supplies needed for little scientists.

5 Summer Projects to Unleash Your Kids’ Creativity (And Yours Too!)

Use art as a way to strengthen your imagination and boost your innovativeness and creativity. Here are some activities:

How Fiscal and Political Pressures Affect Arts Education in our Schools

Does your child's school district rank high on the arts index?

The Benefits of Music Education

Learning the do-re-mis can help children excel in ways beyond the ABCs

Rocking Out With Your Child

Share your passion for music with your child at an early age.