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Transferring: An Activity from Productive Parenting

An activity for your early 2-year-old


Materials You Will Need:    

  • large pom poms
  • two bowls
  • tongs

What to Do:

Developing eye/hand coordination is an important pre-reading skill. Show your child how to open and close the tongs. Show your child how to pick up a pom-pom from a bowl on the left side and put it in the empty bowl on the right side using the tongs.

Presenting activities that involve going from the left to the right will help train your child's vision for reading later.


Let your child play with the tongs to pick up toys and other objects around the house.
Use marshmallows or other items found around the house.

Skills Learned:

  • Eye Hand Coordination
  • Fine Motor

For more activities customized to the age of your child, visit Productive Parenting.

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