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The Most Popular Baby Girl and Boy Names in the US for 2014

The Social Security Administration released their annual list of the top baby names in the country.



Today the Social Security Administration releases its annual list of the most popular names in the U.S., and for baby girls, Emma rose to take the top spot away from Sophia (who held that number one spot for the last three years). And while there was some more reshuffling in the top girl names, the only new arrival in the Top 10 is Charlotte (which pushed Elizabeth out). And this is even before England's new princess got that moniker earlier this week. We're betting that when the 2015 list arrives next May, Charlotte will be much higher.

As for the baby boy names, there also wasn't a ton of shifting. Noah and Liam stay in the top 2 spots, and while Jayden fell out of the Top 10. James jumped to take his place.

Top 10 Boy Names for 2014
1. Noah
2. Liam
3. Mason
4. Jacob
5. William
6. Ethan
7. Michael
8. Alexander
9. James
10. Daniel

Top 10 Girl Names for 2014
1. Emma

2. Olivia
3. Sophia
4. Isabella
5. Ava
6. Mia
7. Emily
8. Abigail
9. Madison

10. Charlotte

And this list comes hot on the heels of Google's newly revealed list of the most searched baby names by state

Per Google, the top three most searched girl names in the US are Elizabeth, Olivia and Emma. And the top three boy names are Michael, James and Avery. As for Jersey? Our top names according to Google's search list are Mia and Ethan.

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