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Newton-Sparta Pediatric Dentistry Orthodontics

Michael Lateiner, DMD 

Specialty: Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

Michael Lateiner, DMD

From left to right: (standing) Drs. Bernard Barrish, Kevin Lehnes, Michael Lateiner, (sitting) Dr. Bernadette Lapena 

Dr. Michael Lateiner’s jungle-themed office has all the bells and whistleskid-friendly TV shows, an Xbox, PSPs, and touch-screen games–all to make kids feel relaxed and at home.

Dr. Lateiner, who likes to be called “Dr. Mike,” along with pediatric dentist, Dr. Bernadette Lapena and orthodontists Drs. Bernard Barrish and Kevin Lehnes, runs a state-of-the-art office with an “amazing” team. Dr. Lateiner, who has two young children of his own, is happiest when a once-fearful patient leaves with a smile.

“My patients have taught me to take my time and go with the flow. With kids, they really dictate how your day is going to go,” says Dr. Lateiner.

Dr. Lateiner graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University and received his DMD from UMDNJ where he earned his specialty in pediatric dentistry and MS in dentistry. He is also affiliated with Morristown Memorial Hospital. Dr. Lateiner has been a NJ Favorite Kids’ Doc for seven consecutive years.

 "Dr. Mike truly is exceptional! It's the entire experience of being at a dentist's office! It is about building a relationship between doctor and child and establishing trust—and Dr. Mike does all of that! He's great with the kids and the parents!" -Karen, Sparta

 "He's an exceptional children's dentist—very friendly, helpful and provides a fun, kid-friendly environment. My kids are actually excited to go to the dentist and orthodontist.
-Kim, Sparta

 "He's amazing! My daughter isn't scared at all about going to the dentist. The office is a perfect place for kids and gives such a fun environment!" -Carrie, Sparta

 “Dr. Mike Lateiner is a very special dentist. He takes as much time with the kids as they need. He's very patient and kind. My autistic son is very comfortable with him which says a lot.” -Carla, Succasunna

 “Dr. Lateiner is great with my kids and really has gotten to know them. He has a compassion for his work and you can see it.” -Alyson, Branchville

 "Dr. Mike [Lateiner] keeps the kids entertained and never makes them nervous. He's gentle and fun. My daughters are never nervous or scared to go for their dental appointments, it's really wonderful!” -Jaime, Bushkill

 “Dr. Lateiner gets kids to relax, entertain, distract from scary procedures. Connects with all kids of all ages; also wonderful speaking with patents, as well.” -Michele, Newton

 “I am the mom to a 17-year-old child with special needs. On top of being cognitively impaired he also has SPD and one of his primary sensitivities is oral. He has an unknown genetic condition that has caused all of his issues which has also resulted in horrible teeth that require tons of work. My son cries when his blood pressure is taken, imagine how horrible it is for him yo get dental work done! Through the years we have had a lot of work done but it always required several adults to help support the efforts just to get a simple dental exam done. For years I drove over 90 minutes away to visit a pediatric dentist but as my son got older we found that dentist wasn't a good fit. I tried a few family dentists, one told me he knew right off the bat that he couldn't handle my son. Then Dr. Mike Lateiner opened his office 15 minutes from us. When I saw the ad in the paper I knew I had to try. I made appointments for my kids, handled my now 14-year-old son as best as I could to try and ease his fear and off we went. I explained the issues with my son to Dr. Mike, what we had been through, how we had done 2 dental surgeries, a simple exam usually meant he screamed and I had to get in the chair and put him in a headlock. He listened, knew my fears, my concerns and then proceeded with caution and managed to not only do an exam but clean his teeth, as well. There was crying, I cried too, but there was no headlock. My son sat in that chair and got through it then Dr. Lateiner made him laugh and a new relationship was formed. Dr. Mike [Lateiner] did two oral surgeries on him at Morristown hospital that summer but over the past two years we have gotten to the point where that will no longer be needed. My son just had his 6 month exam last week. Nobody cried, my son wasn't even scared and in a few weeks, for the first time ever, he will have a filling done in the office like most other kids. I worried about the fact that my son is getting older and we will have to find another dentist to care for him that handled adults and we'd have to start over. Dr. Mike assured me that he will care for my son for as long as we need him, regardless of how old he is. He is am amazing dentist, filled with compassion and patience that has turned out to be a huge blessing to my son and our family. I can't imagine anybody being a better fit for us!!” -Maryanne, Newton

 “Never in my life, have I met a dentist as awesome as Dr. Mike [Lateiner]. He is extraordinary. Despite undergoing a few dental procedures that can easily scare a child away from the dentist, my daughter loves Dr. Mike. My children look forward to their visits with him and often speak of him when brushing their teeth! It is such a blessing to not only have a dentist who my children don't fear but one they actually look up to. Dr. Lateiner really relates to the children with his fun scrub tops and love of superheroes. He also really takes the time to sit and speak with both my husband and myself, easing any concerns and really, just engaging in good conversation while he cleans the children's teeth. Surprisingly, he even remembers us and what we speak about even after only seeing him twice a year. This strikes me as a truly caring dentist. Patients aren't just numbers to him, they and their families are valued. We are very grateful for Dr. Lateiner and his entire staff and highly recommend him!” -Christina, Newton

 “Only the best, most caring cool doctor around….Dr. Lateiner genuinely cares about each patient. His office is clean and updated, and his staff is friendly too.”-Shauna, Wharton

Newton-Sparta Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

Michael Lateiner, DMD 

11 Lawrence Rd., Ste. E , Newton, 973-300-0002


This is an advertising profile from the December 2016 issue of New Jersey Family.

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