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How to Plan a Kid-Friendly Vacation

Taking a trip with the kids? Here's how to minimize the stress.


Want to make travel with kids a little less stressful? Here are 10 priceless tips from our Facebook fans for pain-free trips.

1. Download a white noise app on your phone (like White Noise or White Noise Baby) for the hotel room so the kids can be soothed to sleep in a new place more easily.

2. If you’re traveling by car, bring books on tape to keep them occupied without spacing out in front of the iPad or DVD player the whole ride.

3. Let them pack their own little suitcases. They’ll be more excited to delve into them once you arrive.

4. Bring a charger (and a backup) for your smartphone or tablet, so they can play their favorite games without interruption once “I Spy” has run its course.

5. From the weird-but-effective files: Put non-toxic glue on their hands, let it dry and watch them have fun peeling their “skin” off. It buys you at least 15 minutes! 

6. Plan car trips or flights that partly overlap with bedtime or naptime so they sleep en route. Throw on their PJs and feed them before heading out, so you can put them down when you get there (fingers crossed they stay asleep!).

7. Get a behind-the-seat organizer for the car, plane or train and fill it with fun toys, books, notepads, games and other treats from the local dollar store. 

8. Skip the baby monitor and download an app like Cloud Baby to your phone. Leave one of your phones with baby; the other one turns into the receiver. 

9. Pack a bunch of inexpensive little surprises like disposable cameras, a Mad Libs and coloring books. Reveal them at different times throughout the trip so they have something to look forward to. 

10. Buy a board puzzle of the United States and play a twist on the “License Plate Game.” Every time you spot a different state’s plate, add it to the puzzle until the whole thing is done.

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