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How to Care for a Chipped Tooth

He broke a tooth. Now what?


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 © iStockphoto.com / ntstudio 

Playing a sport, falling or biting down too hard are just a few ways your kid can chip, crack or knock out her teeth. If any of these things happen, there are ways to help soothe her and hopefully salvage the tooth.  If the injury impacts a baby tooth, a pediatric dentist can often smooth and polish it over. If it affects a front or permanent tooth, a dentist can use a filling material to keep the damage from increasing while also making the tooth look like new. 
The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends you inspect and rinse out her mouth to find pieces of the broken tooth right after the incident. Then place the pieces, if any, in a cup of milk or saliva; your dentist may be able to reattach them. For the pain, have her bite on wet gauze for 10 minutes and use a cold cloth or popsicle to reduce swelling. Steer clear of aspirin or topical pain meds. Then go to the dentist ASAP.
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