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Ear, Nose and Throat Center of New Jersey

Jan S. Youssef, MD

Specialty: Otolaryngology

Left to right: Drs. Alan Goodman, Oliver S. Youssef and Jan S. Youssef

Dr. Jan Youssef and his brother, Dr. Oliver Youssef, treat patients young and old with cutting-edge techniques in ear, nose and throat care. With a focus on improving their patients’ quality and span of life, the practice recently welcomed allergist Dr. Alan Goodman and Dr. Padmaja Nair, a clinical audiologist. Senior audiologist Enid Rappaport performs audiograms and dispenses hearing aids.

Treating Patients Like Family

A board certified otolaryngologist, Dr. Jan Youssef treats conditions including sinusitis, tonsillitis and throat infections, thyroid and parathyroid disease, head and neck cancer, salivary gland disorders, allergies, ear infections, and hearing loss. A New Jersey native, Dr. Jan Youssef earned his medical degree from New Jersey Medical School and completed his training in otolaryngology at UMDNJ, now Rutgers.

“We treat each patient as if they were our own child,” says Dr. Jan Youssef, a father of five. “I personally understand the anxiety of being in a doctor’s office or having to undergo surgery...which is why we take the time to help alleviate our patients’—and their parents’—fears and concerns.”

Cutting-Edge ENT Technology

From their all-digital office to state-of-the-art surgical instrumentation in the operating room, the practice provides the latest in ENT technology. The doctors use pediatric endoscopes to visualize a child’s airway, and use a CT scanner that utilizes minimal radiation exposure. They also offer coblation technology, a minimally invasive, low-thermal technology for ENT procedures like tonsillectomy.

“New patients usually come to us by a family referral; if we treated Mom or Dad for sinusitis, they’ll end up bringing their child to us for tonsillitis or allergy treatment,” he says.

 "He makes the kids feel comfortable. He's the only doctor that they come to without throwing a fit! Thank you Dr. Youssef!" -Veronica, East Brunswick

Ear, Nose and Throat Center of New Jersey

Jan S. Youssef, MD
115 Franklin Ave., Nutley


This is an advertising profile from the December 2016 issue of New Jersey Family.
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