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Crazy Ways to Color Your Easter Eggs


Tired of the traditional dip and dye Easter eggs? Here are some fun new ways to make this year's batch of eggs your best yet!

A Splash Of Slime Eggs

Mix some craft paint with clear kid-friendly glue, then add some glitter for a touch of sparkle. Drizzle the mixture over the top of the eggs and let the liquid ooze down the sides. Prop each egg on a cut piece of the cardboard tube and be sure to cover your work surface with a protective cloth or newspaper because the colors run right to the bottom of the egg. Dry for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

Dragon’s Eggs

For these textured beauties we mixed packs of unsweetened Kool-Aid in two bowls—grape and blue raspberry in one and cherry and black cherry in the other—along with hot water. Roll the eggs around, letting them sit for 10 minutes at a time, then move some more. Each time you move the egg, take it out and dab gently with a paper towel. You’ll see the tiny bubbles that form on the shell from the mixture are what helps create the dragon egg texture. You can completely cover the egg with the liquid or submerge at different depths for a cool layering effect. Wear protective gloves for this one because Kool Aid stains!

Lots of Dots Eggs

Cover your eggs in perfect dots with the help of a fine tipped paint brush or even an eraser top. Create pretty pictures of flowers and bunnies or cover the whole egg in multi colored dots for a creative new design. 

Paper Towel Tie-Dye Eggs

Paper Towel Tie-Dye Eggs

Crazy about tie-dye? Try this pattern with a paper towel. Drop food coloring (as much our as little as you want!) on a paper towel. Then, spray the colors with a mixture of vinegar and water. Place your egg in the towel and gently wrap the towel around it, securing it with a rubber band. Place the egg in a plastic bag, and wait at least an hour (the longer the wait, the brighter the color!) Unwrap your egg for crazy new pattern!

Scratch and Color Eggs

Do your kids like scratch art? Try it on their eggs! Have them color a hard boiled egg with crayon. Then, dip the eggs in black tempura paint and add glitter if desired. After they dry, have them scratch away to make unique masterpieces.

Squared Eggs

Want to get Dad in on the fun? Ask to borrow his electrical tape for this geometric pattern. Take a small square piece of electrical tape and arrange them all around the egg. Dip the egg once into your dye. Then, take the tape and place it in a new spot, overlapping one corner of your original design. Dip the egg again. In the end, you'll have a fancy dual colored geometric pattern. 

Fancy Design Eggs

For a more traditional and fancy design, take a crayon and draw whirls and swirls before dipping your egg in dye.

Rubber Band Striped Eggs

Fancy stripes? Try wrapping rubber bands around your egg in whatever direction you desire. Dip the eggs in one color for a two-tone egg. For more stripes, allow the first color to dry and place a new set of rubber bands around some of the colored spots.

Melted Crayon Eggs

All of those broken crayons now have a perfect purpose with these creative eggs. While the eggs are still warm (not hot!) color on the eggs. The wax will melt and create swirls and hues like you've never seen before. Put the eggs in the refridgerator to set your designs.

Baking Soda Egg-Splosions

Is your child a science enthusiast? Make egg coloring a science experiment! Cover the bottom of a small tray with baking soda, and mix in one tablespoon of powdered tempera paint. Place the egg in the powder and slowly pour vinegar over the mixture. Watch as the colors and the mixture bubble, leaving splashes and bubbles of color on your egg. 

Marbled Eggs

Marbled Eggs

For a soft and marbled look, try using dad's shaving cream for your eggs! Mix food coloring in and swirl vinegar-dipped eggs around in the mixture. Allow the eggs to dry for 15 minutes before wiping off the excess shaving cream. Underneath you'll find a marble masterpiece!

What are your favorite ways to decorate? Share with us!

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