Cool Metallic Flash Tattoos For Your Kids

These temporary flash tattoos are cool and trendy and your teen will love wearing them.

The latest tattoo trend involves significantly fewer needles (zero) and a much shorter commitment (up to a week) than traditional ink. Glittery, temporary flash tattoos in metallic hues are what’s next.

Beyonce X Flash Tattoos

Beyonce’s new line of metallic and gold body art includes bee-and-hive-themed designs plus smaller ones with expressions like “flawless” and “I woke up like this.” The tattoos last four to six days; $28.

Tattly’s Pop-Art Pieces

Sometimes funky, always beautiful, the designs from this Brooklyn-based designer are quirky in the best way. Last two to four days; prices vary.

LUXE Metallic Temporary Tattoos 

Pretty metallic bracelets mean you can mix and match—the low price means you can pick up a whole bunch. Tattoos last four days; $7.99.

Luludk's Wanderlust Line

Intricate and often henna-inspired, these tattoos have a far-away, exotic vibe. Last up to five days; $26 per pack.

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