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Can’t Stop Eating Halloween Candy? 14 Inedible Treats to Give to Trick-Or-Treaters This Year

Skip the sweets this year. Gift fun instead.


If you find yourself eating mini Twix bars around the clock in the days leading up to Halloween, you’re not alone. And you may want to consider picking up some trick-or-treat swag that won’t tempt you or the kiddos. We’ve rounded up a bunch of affordable inedible treat ideas. Best part? No need to stress about food allergies.

Photo courtesy of Oriental Trading

Glow and Slap Bracelets
Price: $9.88/100 glow bracelets, $19.99/50 slap bracelets
They’re cute, fun and easy to find! Plus, a little neon pop of color will keep them visible while they trick-or-treat.

Photo courtesy of Walmart

Price: $3.48/box of 24
Bubbles are a classic, and never go out of style.

Photo courtesy of Party Palooza

Coloring and Activity Pages
Price: $0.35/each
Hand out mini coloring books or print activity pages. Roll up the pages and tie black and orange ribbons around them.

photo Courtesy of SmileMakers

Price: $6.99/75-100 stickers
Grab a variety to accommodate age ranges, like Disney, emoji and glow in the dark stickers. Put a few in mini treat bags and you’re good to go.

Photo courtesy of Party City

Party Noise Makers
Price: $10/pack of 48
C’mon, how funny would it be to hear these down the street?

Photo courtesy of Target

Crayons and Markers
Price: $4.99/96 crayons, $2.79/10 markers
Grab three or four from the box, wrap them in black and orange ribbon and drop a bundle in each bag.

Photo courtesy of Oriental Trading

Fidget Spinners
Price: $9.98/dozen
These little devices are a great distraction or plaything for each kid (and they also help some kids focus!).

Photo courtesy of Party Palooza

Bouncy Balls
Price: $0.29/each
These suckers can bounce on and on forever, and they come in fun colors and designs.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Temporary Tattoos
Price: $9.99/30 sheets
Hand out funky designs and encourage a little (washable) creativity.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Pencil Top Erasers
Price: $9.99/pack of 50
There are so many to choose from—animals, candy, butterflies and more.


Extra special treats for about $1 each and up (they make great party favors, too!)

Photo courtesy of Oriental Trading

LED Rings and Footballs
Price: $11.99-18.99/dozen
The kids can stay aglow as the evening gets darker. These lil’ gems might also be the perfect enhancement for their costumes.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Gift ’Ems
Price: $2.31/pack of 3
These mini gift boxes open up to uncover dolls from different countries—a fun way to teach kids about cultures all over the world.

Photo courtesy of Michaels

Small Smooshers​
Price: $1/each
These soft, squishy toys—shaped as donuts, macaroons and more—double as a keychain. Kids can accessorize their backpacks, too.

Photo courtesy of Walmart

The Grossery Gang
Price: $32.99/pack of 30
Pop one of these figures of stinky food items with funny faces in the kids’ bags.

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