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Callahan & Fusco, LLC

Beth A. Callahan, Esq. 

Specialty: Special Education Law 

Patricia A. Dulinski, Esq


Every child with disabilities is entitled to an appropriate education. Sadly, that is not always readily given. When it comes to fighting for families and children with special needs to get free, appropriate, meaningful educations, Beth A. Callahan is a champion for the cause.

Callahan has made it her life’s work to fight for these amazing families. Her practice focuses on helping children access appropriate educational resources while helping parents learn and understand their child’s rights.


A graduate of The Catholic University and Seton Hall Law school, Callahan’s career choice was inspired by her personal school struggles and her work with children with special needs as a high school and college student. “My personal experiences help me relate to my clients, and I’m that much more passionate about getting kids the tools they need to succeed. When something isn’t working for them, I fight to change it right away,” she says. “I’ve seen what happens when a child with such seemingly severe issues is underestimated for so long and then finally given the resources he or she needs. The progress they can make in a short period of time is truly remarkable.”

One in 48 children in New Jersey has autism. Their fight for scientifically-based services is one focus of Callahan’s practice. ACSO vs.  Millburn Board of Education stands out as a case Callahan won for the intensity and quality of services needed for this growing population of kids.


Callahan’s job is to guide her clients every step of the way through the IEP process and into the fight if necessary. Having the right legal guidance, expert evaluations and really knowing her kids is how she settles cases and also wins them. Litigation is always a possibility but not always a necessity. “Even when you win in the courtroom, it can be an expensive and emotional process so any time we can work something out with a  school district and help a child get what they need, that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” Callahan says. “The child’s needs are never negotiable.”

Callahan takes the time to get to know each individual family and their child’s disabilities, and spends a great deal of time furthering her education and training with experts in the field. “I have seen every type of disability you can imagine, and strongly believe you have to become an expert in each child’s unique challenges…because that’s how you win the case,” she says.


Callahan believes that certain disabilities, such as dyslexia, can and should be addressed in a child’s public school. But when a school refuses to comply with the law and address a fundamental issue, such as reading, a parent has to litigate. A recent triumph for an eighth grader with dyslexia is a case she is extremely proud  of: CG vs. West Caldwell Board of Education. The student was placed at the Craig School and given compensatory education.

“My clients are the bravest people I know. They’re willing to go to extraordinary lengths to help their children, and we want parents to know that we’re in their corner,” she says. “The kids are my heroes, like the young man with severe medical issues who we just won a VGo robot for so he can attend school virtually. I have the best job any lawyer could have."


  "[Beth A. Callahan] is brilliant, passionate and excellent in a courtroom. She understands her clients and fights above and beyond for their free and fair educational rights." -J.P., Millburn

Callahan & Fusco, LLC

Beth A. Callahan, Esq

103 Eisenhower Pkwy., Ste. 400, Roseland

This is an advertising profile from the April 2017 issue of New Jersey Family.


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