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9 Yummy Treats to Make with Ice Cream this Summer

Cool off and beat the heat with these fun, easy ice cream creations!


Watermelon Wedge

This treat will be a hit at your next gathering, and people will never have to know just how simple it is to make. Use green, white and red hued sorbet (or gelatos) to create the different sections of the “watermelon” slice, and toss in some mini chocolate chips to pose as seeds.
For the full recipe: parents.com 

Strawberry Shellies

Seashells aren’t just for collecting on the beach - these edible ones are beautiful and delicious (but likely won't stick around long) Fill some store-bought madeleine cookies with strawberry ice cream and add some pink sugar to the edges for decoration. Place them on a dune of crushed graham cracker “sand” (Let the kids help with pushing the food processor buttons) and you’ve got your very own (edible) mini beach.
For the full recipe: marthastewart.com

PB and J Pops

Love s'mores and PB&J? These treats combine your faves with peanut butter ice cream, strawberry jam and graham crackers pieced together to make a sandwich.. Add a wooden stick on the end, and it becomes a really cool kind of popsicle. 
For the full recipe: marthastewart.com

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

This seems like something you’d get at the state fair, but the good news is you can make it at home. Instead of cookie as the “bread” in this sandwich, use rolled up store bought churros. Squish your favorite flavor in the middle for a perfect hot-weather treat.
For the full recipe: disneyfoodblog.com 

Choco Taco

Try your hand at the ice cream truck favorite,by warming up some waffle bowls to mold them into the taco shape and filling them with your favorite ice cream (Fudge ripple or something else with chocolate tends to work best). Top the tacos with melted chocolate and sprinkle with crushed peanuts to finish them off.

For the full recipe: DailyLeisure.com

Brownie Bowl Sundaes

These brownie sundae cups are too cute to pass up! Fill a muffin tin with brownie batter and squish a second tin on top to form the bowl shape. Once they’re baked, add a scoop of ice cream, some chocolate sauce and sprinkles for an ooey gooey treat that will rival any chain restaurant.
For the full recipe: todaysmama.com

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Can be made in minutes … and you won't have to waste time washing ice-cream bowls later. Use store-bought or homemade waffles and sandwich your favorite ice cream and fruit combination inside.

For the full recipe: PasstheSushi.com

Ice Cream Float

Put a spin on the traditional root beer float by trying some awesome new combinations of flavors. Some of our favorite combos? The cherry bomb (made with vanilla ice cream, cherry soda and cherries) and the pink lemonade (made with vanilla or lemon ice cream, pink lemonade and topped with a lemon slice).

For the full recipe: shesaved.com

Mini Nilla Wafer Ice Cream Sandwiches

These are super easy to pull together and even better, they’re bite sized so you can eat several. Simply squish a small scoop of your favorite ice cream between two cookies to make the sandwich. Then, roll the edge in your favorite topping - you can use sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, crushed Oreos or coconut.

For the full recipe: thecomfortofcooking.com  

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