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17 Not-So-Scientific (But Totally Accurate) Signs You Might Be Pregnant

Everyone knows about being tired and weird cravings, but if you are having any of these weird symptoms... buckle up.


Pregnancy. You know the usual signs— the ones your doctor tells you about: morning sickness, bloating, fatigue, weight gain. But there’s a whole host of other, completely legitimate indicators that no one warns you about. Thankfully, you have us to tell it like it is. Experienced any of these?

  • One minute, you feel like throwing up, the next, you’re ravenous. Sometimes you’re nauseous and starving at the same time. Awesome!
  • You’re so tired, you fall asleep at the most inappropriate moments, like in meetings at work.
  • You seem to have developed a weird beer belly—even though you haven’t been drinking any beer.
  • You cry during every sappy commercial on TV. 
  • Your sense of smell rivals the police K-9 unit’s. You can tell exactly what the neighbors are cooking for dinner and which cologne your husband put on in the other room.
  • You suddenly hate your husband.
  • You have a secret candy stash. 
  • You itch all over to the point where you feel like you have a skin disease (you don’t).
  • Without warning, your hair looks so full and luscious, you can’t help but constantly flip it around...while you’re commuting, in the grocery store check-out line, during updates with your boss...
  • Your rings and shoes don’t fit anymore.
  • Also, your favorite jeans—the ones you wear every day— have clearly shrunk. You probably just forgot to take them out of the dryer, right?
  • Some days, the thought of sex makes you sick to your stomach. Other days, you’re so in the mood, you feel like you just watched Sex and the City reruns.
  • Your face breaks out like it did when you were in middle school.
  • Out of the blue, you have an aversion to wine—which is like saying you suddenly hate ice cream when just the other day you ate a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s. The universe is going haywire! 
  • You feel congested, but you don’t have a cold.
  • Little noises like your husband chewing gum and your mom filing her nails are now the world’s most annoying sounds.
  • Yesterday, you lectured a random stranger about her helicopter parenting. Who ARE you?

(P.S. You’re probably pregnant.)

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