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14 Fast and Easy Valentine Crafts

You can make these super easy crafts with the kids just in time for Valentine's Day.


Hidden Messages Valentines

We love "secret" notes. This is even easier than invisible ink. Use plain white paper and with a white crayon write some cute little love notes to the kids. Then give them some watercolors so they can reveal their secret messages.

Great Idea From: Better Homes & Gardens 


Heart Hats

What could make your little sweetie even cuter? One of these adorable (and EASY) hats. All you need is a paper plate and scissors. Of course, you can opt to decorate if you'd like. A little glitter would only up the adorable factor.

Great Idea From: Alpha Mom


Yarn Heart Ornaments

These little hearts could hang in your window year round, reminding you of your little Valentines. Just take some floral wire and shape it into a heart (you could also use a piece of jewelry wire, or even a sturdy pipe cleaner in a pinch). Then just wrap the yarn around it and you've got pretty decor you'll proudly display.

Great Idea From: Country Woman Magazine 


Thumbprint Heart Necklaces

These are so stunning. Grab some oven bake clay (or make your own), roll it out and have the kids put their thumbs in a heart shape. Bake, paint, put on a chain and you've got an amazing gift for you from the kids.

Great Idea From: That's What She Said


Send a Virtual Hug

Use a long piece of white rolled paper and then have the kids lay down and trace them. They can color in the outlines and make it cute. Write some notes then roll it up and send it to loved ones far away.

Great Idea From: Built By Kids


Fruit Loop Hearts

Make a Valentine not for you or your kids, but those pretty little birds in your neighborhood. Take pipe cleaners and shape them into a heart, then string Fruit Loops on them, and hang from trees. The birds will have a snack and there will be some colorful decorations and use the pipe cleaners to help with making their nests.

Great Idea From: Sweet and Simple Living


Heart Suncatchers

Got a bunch of those old coffee filters laying around now that you've abandoned it for your Keurig? You can "tie-dye" them with some watercolor paint and then cut them into heart shapes to adorn your windows like beautiful stained glass.

Great Idea From: Fun at Home With Kids


Heart Sewn Valentines

These will give the kids a chance to get comfortable sewing, and look super cute either as decor or as handmade Valentine cards. Fold a piece of cardstock with some holes punched in a heart shape, then use some yarn (any color you want) to make it beautiful.

Great Idea From: Real Simple


Painted Heart Bag

Use a plain canvas bag, cut your desired shape out of some freezer paper, then put some puffy paint on a plate. Use a pencil eraser and fill in the blank spots (or you could have the kids do with their fingers for extra adorableness), and change the colors as you go up to create that cool ombre effect.

Great Idea From: V and Co.


Candy Heart Frame

Craft glue, candy hearts and a plain frame (from the dollar store) make this a cute gift for grandparents, or yourself.

Great Idea From: Happiness Is Homemade


Valentine's Bracelets

Kids might want to give their friends a little gift, or just dress up for the holiday. Grab some colorful foam, pretty ribbon and beads or glitter glue. Let the kids embellish away, then punch some holes in the ends and use some ribbon to tie them on. The more they make the better!

Great Idea From: Mom on Timeout


Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers

You can either use pre-purchased red or pink pencils, or you can buy old-fashioned yellow number 2's and paint them. You can also use some metallic glitter paint. Then all you need is a pipe cleaner (the sparklier the better) that you can shape as a pencil topper, and affix them with a little bit of glue.

Great Idea From: The Gunny Sack 


Tissue Paper Wreath

Chances are you made a tissue paper wreath when you were a tween, but we love the shape and the gorgeous bright colors of this one. All you need is a piece of cardstock cut in the shape (you could do hearts or kisses), then glue the bits of torn tissue paper. Simple and will look great on you front door.

Great Idea From: Sweet and Simple Living 


Send A Hug

We're a sucker for anything with handprints, and you can bet the grandparents will love it, too. Just put their handprints on some cardstock, then tie them to a string for a long-distance hug.

Great Idea From: View From the Fridge 

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