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10 Most Inappropriate Kids Halloween Costumes

We’re not really sure what these kids’ parents were thinking when they dressed their kids for Halloween.


From baby strippers to kids dressed like condoms, these super tacky Halloween costumes are really over the top. Here’s what our kids will definitely not be wearing this year.

Baby Stripper

Wow. Just, wow.

The Staples "Easy" Button

Her parents might want to rethink the message they’re sending here.

"Dead" Dora

What did Backpack ever do to you?


Bad habits start young, right?

Human Condom

Let’s hope he has no idea what his costume is this year.

Hannibal Lecter

At least his parents killed two birds with one stone with this one. He’s dressed up as a cannibal serial killer and now definitely doesn’t need a babysitter.

Road Kill

Gore is always appropriate in size 5T

Walter White

He definitely doesn’t look old enough to drive an RV let alone cook drugs.

Mad Men's Don Draper

That better be apple juice in that glass!

The Jersey Shore Cast 

We really hope these kids don’t head to Seaside Heights anytime soon.

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