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10 Fun Foods for April Fools' Day

Here are a few April Fools' Day ideas for food that are not what they seem!


10 Fun Foods for April Fools' Day

Kick off your April Fools' Day with some lunch box trickery, or end the day with a silly April Fools' Day supper. Here are a few ideas for food that's not what it seems:

Lunch Box Ideas

1. Pack a fun lunch — switch the contents of brand-name snack-bags (resealing with double-sided tape), make a ziplock that won't unzip (using double-sided scrapbook tape), or add a wormy apple (don't worry, it's a gummy worm).

2. Disguise your kid's lunch in one of these bags—your choice of bugs, mold, or novelty disguises.

3. Add a piece of candy sushi that's made from Swedish Fish, fruit roll-ups and rice krispie treats. Or, try this healthier fake sushi made with bread and vegetables.

4. Add sprinkles to a bagel and cream cheese so it looks like a frosted doughnut.

5. Make a sandwich with a hidden (plastic) spider or ant.


Silly Supper Ideas

6. Serve guacamole, which is really avocado ice cream with strawberry pieces and mint, and shortbread cookies cut in triangles to look like tortilla chips.

7. Give your kids cupcakes for dinner, which are actually mini meatloafs baked in muffin tins with mashed potato frosting and pink sea salt sprinkles.

8. Be sure to say "Drink your milk!" when you give your kids this solid milk that won't pour no matter how hard they try. Or try a trick drink of gelled juice.

9. Surprise your kids with silly cupcakes that look like peas and carrots, corn on the cob, or mashed potatoes and gravy.

10. Make hamburger sliders out of Nilla Wafers for a dessert that looks like dinner.


For 50+ more fun ideas, visit our April Fools' Day board on Pinterest.


What's the best fool you've pulled? Or, have you gotten taken on April Fools' Day? Please share below!

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